Dear supersrdjan,

today I started adding audio items for some vocab items. The reason is that I feel like there is a mismatch between my studies and my immersion.

(For context: I’m still at the basic vocab stage) As per Refold method I’m grading pass when I know the meaning and only try to recall the reading in my head.

This results in me being able to read and get the meaning/translation. But only passively hearing the words does not make them stick. So now I am at a point where

  • I can read the words, but in free flow they’re going too fast for me to notice
  • I cannot hear the words because I don’t know what they sound like

I know what the Refold guys would say - immerse more and it will come automatically; don’t study more. Probably true and I might be an ignorant beginner. But I also feel that it is really important to stay motivated and this mismatch currently frustrates me a bit. So I will go ahead and continue a bit with audio cards. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Creating the items is easy with duplicate although the answer attribute is unfortunately part of the data and not the template so it’s a couple additional clicks after duplicating and applying a template. Still fast enough for me and it could be sped up with autohotkey should the need arise.